Night of the Shining

Night of the Shining | PakistanTribeAfter two invigorating and enthralling days at the Mukshpuri peak, we returned to Mukshpuri Resort to retrieve our lost energy.

We had huge loads of learning upon us to carry back. It might have been quite difficult to digest a plethora of lessons in just few days time. All we needed now was an impetus and it was to be handed over to us in a sublime way.

On the last night of our remarkable adventure, a savory dinner and a supplemental bonfire was arranged. Plaudits were presented to Saad Tariq Siddiqi for his contribution to Youth Impact and development of youth. Following was an event which was not perhaps in the itinerary of the organizers but surely in accordance with their motto.

Night was taking its toll and we moved ever closer to the fire. Smoke itching into eyes cannot hamper us from being a part of this chronicle. Most of the Markhors, and yes we can call ourselves now, were gone to grab some lost sleep in clean and warm beds which they had been aspiring for two nights.

With about a dozen of us encircled around a fire in midst of ‘Faiq The Great’, they call him that and I was about to found out why, we were in for another treat. He commenced the session by asking us to introduce ourselves in such a way that everybody around would remember us. It was evident that this was to be a trust circle.

Faces were familiar but the individuality wasn’t. Although such an efficacious session had been arranged by Abdul Samad Khan earlier at the peak but we refrained from sharing our stories and talents that time- afraid either our stories are tedious or our talents not that flamboyant.

A session like this was to change that thought and enable us to enter a new world with elevated ambitions and confidence.

Youth Impactors- Tayyab and Zainab commenced with their awe-inspiring stories providing much needed stimulus to the session. And then everyone opened up. It was amazing what each person had to share and I was even more astounded when my ordinary story was appreciated.

As sabooh cheered us till our stomachs ached with her fantasy story which carried such trivial details most of the pronounced writers manage to forget. Our ideas and talents were praised and we were made to promise that we will pursue our talents and dreams from that moment on. An honest feedback helped us visualize our future better. There were even calls for investment in the ideas by Khurram Mujtaba, Markhor guest speaker, who seemed aching to invest money – a kind of persona very rare.

Despite the fact we were yawning for sleep and eyes red from smoke punching eyes persistently, we abstained from leaving such an inspiring and revitalizing circle. Songs were sung which had been a trait of the great Markhor experience. There were tales of venturesome tours to high mountains by Gul naz and the session ended with Jawwad’s reminiscence of how religion impacted his life.

Light faded due to commonplace load shedding. With torches we made our ways to beds. But this was not our usual selves. We were inspirited and swayed.

We all knew tomorrow was going to be the inception of a new chapter in our lives and Markhor had happened to us!

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Hamza Jamil is a student at NUST Business School.

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