PPP claims PTI and PML-N work for Taliban

PPP claims PTI and PML-N work for Taliban | PakistanTribeISLAMABAD – Leader of the Opposition in the National Assembly Syed Khurshid Shah has said that Iran’s signing agreement with the world powers would beneficial for Pakistan.

While talking to media persons at the parliament house in Islamabad on Tuesday, Syed Khurshid Shah said that government should immediately hold dialogues with the Iran to accelerate working on Gas Pipeline Project. Khursheed Shah said that Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) and Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) came into power due to Taliban, saying that one party is openly working for the Taliban while the other one is working for the Taliban in different ways.

He criticized Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif over what he said was a delay in appointing the new army chief with General Ashfaq Pervez Kayani set to retire from the position on November 28.

He said the appointment of a new army chief should have been finalized a month ago, adding that it was not appropriate to stall on the issue.

Furthermore, the opposition leader advised the premier not to ignore the aspect of seniority in the process of choosing a new chief of the armed forces.

“Whenever the Pakistan Muslim League – Nawaz (PML-N) comes to power, it forgets the past,” Khursheed Shah said.

He said that Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif should appoint the senior most General as the new Chief of Army staff and it would be beneficial for the country.

To a question, Khursheed Shah said that the PML-N has so far not fulfilled its any promise, saying that the price hike reached to the highest.

He further said that PTI is blocking the NATO supply and getting the case pertaining to drone attacks registered against the United States to keep itself alive in the politics.

He said that if PTI Chief Imran Khan wants to become the first Mujahid like Sardar Qayyum, he should hold a gun on his shoulder and shoot down the drone, adding that Imran had the habit of hitting sixes in the cricket. He further said that Imran can hit six by shooting down a drone.

To a question, Khursheed Shah said that implementation of the gas pipe line project would be convenient with the Iran after Iran’s signing agreement with the world powers and India can again join in the project and it would help in overcoming energy crisis in Pakistan.

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