Markhor: Mien to dekhon ga

Markhor 2013: Mien to dekhon ga | PakistanTribePure darkness surrounding us, bar a dim light from the bonfire, a fraction of my nation gathered atop a mountain in my country, Pakistan; A moment so submerged in perfection, that it shall be retained it in my memory forever.

It was the conclusion of Cultural night that has been ingrained into my mind, mere hundred and twenty seconds of which were apportioned to singing something so awe-inducing; Strings’ hit song ‘Mien to dekhon ga.’ The moment may or may not have insinuated the same in you, but as Conan Doyle has once said, “It has been an axiom of mine, that the little things are infinitely the most important.”

Grievously, my lack of self confidence, and the vague recollection of lyrics did not allow me to take part in the making of such a historical moment. I had been sitting afar, reveling in the whorl of that moment inwardly, watching, heeding to the sounds of vivacity. I listened to the same song I had heard a hundred times previously. However, it never touched me the way it did that night, the lyrics never seeped so deep into my skin, injecting in me optimism with its emphatic arrangement of syllables.

Those representatives from different provinces of Pakistan did not gather there on the peak of Makshpuri mountain to enjoy themselves, they gathered there for Pakistan, and I can say this because I heard them sing that night, the way they didn’t hear themselves, they sang with great animation. I saw their eyes brim with the tears of passion, I sensed the trembling hearts, the goosebumps peppering their skin, I listened to the promises they made in their heads. And the vivacity in which they sang “Wo din phir aayega Jab aisa, Hoga Pakistan.”, how hope & enthusiasm filled their exasperated cheeks, exasperated with all the perspiration shed to dig the ambition to make Quaid’s Pakistan.

After the song ended, I had a sudden urge to get up and tell those who were sitting around that bonfire, that they are awesome, that they will be able to make Quaid’s Pakistan a reality because they can.

Plausibly, we’re the only nation with the valor to live by the hardest times with a smile alleviating every other, and the fact that I belong to this nation, and to that culture they introduced me to, brings me a sense of pride that is unparalleled.

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Khadija Muhammad

Khadija Muhammad is a student of Shria and International Law at International Islamic University, Islamabad.

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