The Toughest And One Of The Interesting Marriage Ceremony



NEW YORK – Marriage day is very exciting and nerve-wracking experience for any couple – but for this adventurous pair, their wedding required even more bravery than unusual.

Renat Adykov and Maria Obryvalina decided to go underwater for that moment, even though neither had ever been scuba-diving before.

But the two lovebirds did not let their lack of experience hold them up – and the bride even wore a veil over her wetsuit for the big day.

The couple, from Saransk in western Russia, had been together for a short ceremony on the shore, they plunged into the Libyan Sea and reached a specially built platform seven metres below the surface.

There they carried out a second ceremony, lasting 20 minutes, in which they exchanged their vows with the help of plastic cue cards.

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