Million Dollar Prize Money For A Shameful Act In An Indian Festival

Million Dollar Prize Money For A Shameful Act In An Indian Festival |

[dropcap]N[/dropcap]EW DELHI – All the NGOs in Indian country condemned the latest shameful festival which started in New Delhi. The festival consisted of raping unmarried girls by three to four men participating in the festival.

The prize money of the shameful festival was involved about one million dollars. The story broke up by the international media.

All the members of NGOs were quite shocked by the story being broken on the international media by the foreign news channel. They all protested for the cause of the Human rights which were sabotaged by some of the men participating in the festival.

Million Dollar Prize Money For A Shameful Act In An Indian Festival |

This was not less than shocking news for the human rights workers and social welfare members. They all decided to go to the court and also wanted to approach the member of the parliament so that they could stop such shameful festival held in the major city of the country New Delhi. All the girls who were the victims of the festival also joined the protest.

Here’s the video of shameful act:

New Delhi Shameful Festival Begins; First Prize… by kingofchohans

NGOs in India have been working for the cause of Human rights and they are quite shocked to see that many incidents have happened in the recent past where the women rights have not been taken care of. Lots of cases have been registered against the culprits but till now no one has been punished yet.

The members of the NGOs and social welfare organizations showed the video to the officials of the government and assurance has been given to all of them.

The senior member of these organizations also told the media that they might have to involve World organization of Human rights for this very cause so that girls and women in this county could live according to their dignity.

These members have been working very hard to rescue the women from the real bad men of the society.


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