5 Sports That Will Make You Healthier and Happier



NEW YORK – Sports has an important role in our lives in terms of health, if you want to adopt active and healthy lifestyle, then definitely you have to adopt any sports, but that does not mean that you need a day and night kind of training like professional athlete, as some physical exercise is sufficient to prove the Hittite.

Here are some perfect sports for you which is best for healthy and happy life.

1. Bowling


Bowling is a wonderful indoor sport that normally involves a group of people. So, if you are looking for an active and fun way to spend time with your friends, this sport is exactly for you. When you decide to play bowling you won’t have to worry about special equipment as everything is provided by the lane. The only thing you need to do is to grab your friends or family and get ready to have fun.

2. Volleyball


This is one of the most popular outdoor sports that can be played in the summer. Surely, a place near the sea with soft sand is the perfect location for this ball game. However, you will not regret if you put up volleyball nets in a local park or your backyard. The number of people who can play volleyball is unlimited, even if you have a group of two you may start a game.

3. Tennis


Playing tennis is an excellent way to exercise and get positive emotions. In case you don’t have anyone else with you, it is possible to do this sport alone. Go to the nearest park and simply hit the ball against the backboard. This exercise will help you to relieve stress and feel better. While other sports require different expensive equipment and special clothes, for tennis you just need to get a racket and a few tennis balls.

4. Badminton


This game is actually quite different from the tennis. First of all, you are supposed to use a shuttlecock instead of a ball while playing badminton. Another difference is a long-handled racket with the help of which you will send a shuttlecock over a net. Perhaps, it seems too simple, but in real it may be rather difficult to beat your opponent. It would be a splendid idea to play badminton when you are at a picnic. This amusement will create cheerful atmosphere for you and your friends.

5. Pool


People of different age and capabilities can do this exciting sport. When you make a decision to play this game you should realize that geometry and some thinking ability are necessary for it. It is important to choose the right tactic in order to reach the desired destination with your ball. To demonstrate good results in an individual game you should know plenty of rules. But if your intention is just to entertain yourself you can pick up the pool cue and hit the balls to get them in the corners.


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