PS4 To Break PS2 Records Or Not?

sony ps4 to beat ps2 records?Will Sony beat PlayStation 2 (PS2) sales and revenues records with PS4? 

This is a million dollar question and answers could be many.

Like Sony CEO Kaz Hirai believes that PS4 could beat up the PS2 records, which had its 150 million units sold in a total life span of 12 years.

And on the other side, about 1.5 billion games were sold for the PS2, this is unlikely to be achieved by any console in the future and as online aspects don’t come for free, running an online infrastructure costs a lot of money.

Many game lovers doubt that the additional revenues from digital services can make up the shrinking software sales (even more if compared to the PS2 times).

“PS Plus is nice, but Sony has shown how it wants to make money, by giving month after month several games away for free to everyone who is willing to pay them $5 every 30 days or $50 a year. If you would even buy only 25% of the games you get on PS+, it would cost you several hundred dollars per year.”

The crucial question for upcoming months, thus, will be: whether PS4 has the potential to beat PS2 record or not?

What’s your opinion?

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