Nawaz says PML-N govt has resolve to make Pakistan a prosperous & developed country

Ground breaking of Pakistan's largest Civil Nuclear Power plant by Nawaz Sharif | PAkistanTribeKARACHI – Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif on Tuesday laid the foundation stone of a 2200-megawatt nuclear power plant to be built with the assistance of China.

Mr. Sharif said PML-N government wants to make Karachi as equally developed city as compared to Hong Kong and Dubai, adding that PML-N wants to make Pakistan a prosperous and developed country.

He said that if there would be no electricity in country the progress could not be achieved. He said if there would be no electricity in country the industry of the country could not be run and country could not move forward.

Addressing the ceremony of the Coastal Power Project K-II and K-III, Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif said that the project is a major step forward for making a “load shedding-free” Pakistan. Prime minister said that the Karachi Coastal Power Project would cost Rs 960 billios, adding that China will provide Rs 728 billion. He said the planning commission has issued Rs 6 billion for the Karachi coastal nuclear power plant.

He said the project manifest momentous relations between China and Pakistan, which stood the test of time. “This project will take our relations to new highs,” the prime minister asserted.

Prime Minister said that enduring friendship and unhindered support from China is a source of strength for Pakistan.

He said Karachi Coastal Power Project (K-II and K-III projects) will help the country to meet its growing energy requirements and will increase the share of nuclear component in the overall energy mix. He said that the project is the start towards ending the load shedding crisis form Pakistan, adding that the resolution of the energy crisis is necessary for the progress of the county. He said PML-N government is struggling for the achievement of set goals.

Pakistan to build country's largest Nuclear Power Plant in Karachi |PakistanTribeThe prime minister said that the government is also working on nuclear power vision 2050, adding he has directed concerned authorities to identify as many as sites that are feasible for building civil nuclear power projects in the country.

PM Sharif said that it is a landmark project, which will be completed in 72 months, in the nuclear power field and wished all the best to engineers from Pakistan and China. Prime minister said he has asked the Chinese to complete the project in 60 months. He said Pakistan are hardworking people and are not lagging behind China in hard work.

Nawaz Sharif announced that Pakistan in the future would build six more civil-nuclear plants. Prime Minister Sharif said the Atomic Energy Commission had identified six areas where future civil-nuclear energy power plants would be located.

According to the prime minister, Pakistan would produce 40,000 MW from nuclear plants till 2050. He added that initiating power projects to overcome the shortage was the top priority of the government.

The prime minister also expressed his gratitude to China for their help, particularly in power generation projects.

The prime minister said three new dams would be also constructed in the country, which would have the capacity to produce 1,500 MW of electricity.

He further said that along with the aforementioned projects, more power plants would be constructed in Gadani which would have the capacity to produce 640 MW of electricity.

The premier invited China to invest in energy projects in Pakistan and added that it was the only way Pakistan would be able to overcome the electricity shortage that has plagued the country.

The Planning Commission has so far allocated Rs6 billion for the coastal power project, while its total coast estimated at Rs960 billion.

The Prime Minister said the government determined to change country’s fate and to make the nation prosperous and developed.

The Prime Minister said that other power projects including Bonji Dam will be initiated soon. The government wants to develop Karachi as modern city like Dubai‚ Kuala Lumpur and Hong Kong, he added.


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