Live to eat, even if it’s for a day!

Live to eat, even if it’s for a day! | PakistanTribe“We are born to understand the sensuality of sweets and narrative of tastes in a plate,” my grandmother’s words echo in my head as I feast on my favourite dessert; the chocolate fudge cake.

For me, dessert is the meal of the day, no matter what time. A sweet course is not to be compromised, despite myriads of stringent diet plans I’m following. Because how can anyone say “no” to desserts that are embellished with tastes and made from scratch with hand-picked ingredients?

I am not ashamed to accept that I’m a foodie. I have been criticised for not crash dieting. But I know I have my reasons. I believe it’s time to face the reality. We need to stop blaming the sweet and accept it as a treat rather than a menace.

Sugar is blamed for many health problems but the truth is that without it, your body would cease to function properly. Sugar is an immediate energy source. The sole reason sugar receives condemnation pertains to our thinking that it is not healthy. But just because it digests soon
doesn’t mean that it’s useless. It plays an important role in the functioning of our body. Naturally occurring sugar, such as those found in fruit and lactose or milk, comes from sources that are a plus point to your diet.

“Crash diets don’t work in the long term, unless lifestyle changes are maintained,” London Clinic Consultant Gastroenterologist Dr Adam Haycock says.

Friends and family often give me stares when I indulge into my favourite dessert. And my counter-argument to their glares is that yes, I certainly am having dessert and everyone should have it too!

The fresh sense indulgent chocolate fudge cake is not something I earn. It’s something I enjoy and so I gift the lovely sweet treat to myself because it makes me happy. It offers different textures than other foods and is a narration of a taste story.

Sometimes we need to cut ourselves off from the present and only adhere to what a meal has to say and there is one rule to enjoy the language of a splendidly put together dessert, which is letting go of our food moralities, ie earning and compensating what we feast on.

So when you place your favourite dessert right in front of you, like I sit in front of my favourite chocolate fudge cake from Veranda Bistro, free your mind and escape the present. Indulge your senses into the aroma of simmering liquid chocolate and its unique taste. Accept the reality of the flogged cream and the crunch of whirled sugar. Dive into the sauce dipped cake sponge and gather yourself at the end of your journey!

“Desert is like a feel good song and the best ones make you dance,” chef Edward Lee says.

We all have our favourite picks when it comes to indulging in the sweetest sin. And I know one thing is for sure – we hardly feel bad about it. And why should we? So, if you are doubting that you did not have enough of your dessert, stop doing anything you’re doing right now! Head off to one of the most satisfying patisseries at Veranda Bistro and ‘nom nom’ away. Life is too short for missing out on dessert! BY ALIYA KHAN



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