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NEW YORK – The Charm, glamour and beauty of a FIFA World Cup often lies not only in the players, games and fans, but also in the cities and stadiums. Construction problems, tragedy and a massive budget have been well documented and even criticized, but the showcase will hopefully go forward healing the country.

From the stunning tropical rainforest of Manaus, to the picturesque home of the iconic Maracana stadiums, the 2014 host cities and stadiums do not disappoint.

CITY: Rio de Janeiro


STADIUM: Maracana (capacity 73,531)

HOME TO: Fluminense FC and CR Flamengo

The most iconic city in Brazil also includes arguably the most iconic stadium in world football. The Maracana was totally rebuilt especially for the World Cup. It officially reopened in June, when Brazil hosted England in a friendly. The stadium will host the final on July 13. With its carnival atmosphere, famous beaches and tourist attractions like Sugar Loaf Mountain and the Christ the Redeemer statue, Rio will be the most popular place to visit for fans.

MATCHES: (Note timing based on GMT)

June 15, 2014     23:00     Argentina v Bosnia-Herzegovina – Group F

June 18, 2014     23:00     Spain v Chile – Group B

June 22, 2014     23:00     Belgium v Russia – Group H

June 25, 2014     21:00     Ecuador v France – Group E

June 28, 2014     21:00     Winner Group C v Runner-up Group D

July 4, 2014         21:00     Quarter-finals

July 13, 2014       20:00     Final

CITY: Sao Paulo


STADIUM: Arena Corinthians (capacity 65,000)

HOME TO: Corinthians

Sao Paulo is the spiritual birthplace of football in Brazil, but its unpredictable weather may turn off visitors. The south-eastern city is known as the Terra da Garoa (Land of the Drizzle) because of the almost incessant rain that falls there.


June 12, 2014     21:00     Brazil v Croatia – Group A

June 19, 2014     20:00     Uruguay v England – Group D

June 23, 2014     17:00     Netherlands v Chile – Group B

June 26, 2014     21:00     Korea Republic v Belgium  – Group H

July 1, 2014         17:00     Winner Group F v Runner-up Group E

July 9, 2014         21:00     Semi-Final

CITY: Brasilia


STADIUM: Estadio Nacional Mane Garrincha (capacity: 68,009)

HOME TO: Brasília Futebol Clube

Named after former Botafogo and Brazil star Garrincha, who become one of the country’s biggest sporting icons in the 1950s and 1960s.


June 15, 2014     17:00     Switzerland v Ecuador – Group E

June 19, 2014     17:00     Colombia v Ivory Coast – Group C

June 23, 2014     21:00     Cameroon v Brazil – Group A

June 26, 2014     17:00     Portugal  v Ghana – Group G

June 30, 2014     17:00     Winner Group E v Runner-up Group F

July 5, 2014         17:00     Quarter-finals

July 12, 2014       21:00     Third place match

CITY: Fortaleza


STADIUM: Estadio Castelao (capacity: 58,704)

HOME TO: Ceara SC and Ferroviario AC

The stadium, which will host Brazil’s second group game, has been given a revamp over the last couple of years in preparation for the World Cup. Fortaleza is famous for tourism, beautiful beaches, delicious seafood and a unique carnival, which will coincide with the tournament.


June 14, 2014     20:00     Uruguay v Costa Rica – Group D

June 17, 2014     20:00     Brazil v Mexico – Group A

June 23, 2014     20:00     Germany v Ghana – Group G

June 24, 2014     21:00     Greece v Ivory Coast – Group C

June 29, 2014     17:00     Winner Group B v Runner-up Group A

July 4, 2014         21:00     Quarter-final

CITY: Belo Horizonte


STADIUM: Estadio Mineirao (capacity: 57,483)

HOME TO: Cruzeiro Esporte Clube

Venue for one of the semi-finals, Belo Horizonte’s biggest stadium has undergone a complete overhaul since Brazil won the right to host the World Cup.


June 14, 2014     17:00     Colombia v Greece – Group C

June 17, 2014     17:00     Belgium v Algeria – Group H

June 21, 2014     17:00     Argentina v Iran – Group F

June 24, 2014     17:00     Costa Rica v England – Group D

June 28, 2014     17:00     Winner Group A v  Runner-up Group B

July 8, 2014         21:00    Semi-final

CITY: Porto Alegre


STADIUM: Estadio Beira-Rio (capacity: 48,849)

HOME TO: Sport Club Internacional

Located on the banks of the River Guaiba, the Estadio Beira-Rio is the home of two Brazilian clubs – Internacional and neighbours Gremio.


June 15, 2014     20:00     France v Honduras – Group E

June 18, 2014     17:00     Australia v Netherlands – Group B

June 22, 2014     17:00     Korea Republic v Algeria – Group H

June 25, 2014     17:00     Nigeria v Argentina – Group F

June 30, 2014     21:00     Winner Group G v Runner-up Group H

CITY: Recife


STADIUM: Arena Pernambuco (capacity: 44,248)

HOME TO: Nautico

Recife, located on the north-eastern coast of Brazil, hosted a match the last time the World Cup took place in the country in 1950. Its newly-built stadium is the home of home to three historic Brazilian clubs – Nautico, Santa Cruz and Sport. MATCHES:

June 14, 2014     23:00     Ivory Coast v Japan – Group C

June 20, 2014     17:00     Italy v Costa Rica – Group D

June 23, 2014     21:00     Croatia v Mexico  – Group A

June 26, 2014     17:00     USA v Germany – Group G

June 29, 2014      21:00     Winner Group D v Runner-up Group C

CITY: Salvador


STADIUM: Arena Fonte Nova (capacity: 52,048)

HOME TO : EC Bahia and EC Vitoria

Salvador will host the draw on Friday and six games during the tournament. Organisers lauded the fact that the newly-built complex contains a panoramic restaurant, museum of football, shops, hotels and a concert hall.


June 13, 2014     21:00     Spain v Netherlands – Group B

June 16, 2014     18:00     Germany v Portugal – Group G

June 20, 2014     21:00     Switzerland v France – Group E

June 25, 2014     18:00     Bosnia-Herzegovina v Iran – Group F

July 1, 2014         18:00     Winner Group H v Runner-up Group G

July 5, 2014         22:00     Quarter-final

CITY: Cuiaba


STADIUM: Arena Pantanal (capacity: 42,968)

HOME TO: Cuiaba EC and Mixto EC

Especially built for the World Cup, the Arena Pantanal will host four matches during the tournament. Located in western Brazil, Cuiaba is just south of the Amazon rainforest, but it still retains a humid atmosphere so will feel muggy throughout the World Cup.


June 13, 2014     23:00     Chile v Australia – Group B

June 17, 2014     23:00     Russia v Korea Republic – Group H

June 21, 2014     23:00     Nigeria v Bosnia-Herzegovina – Group F

June 24, 2014     21:00     Japan v Colombia – Group C

CITY: Manaus


STADIUM: Arena Amazonia (capacity: 42,374)

As the name of the stadium suggests, Manaus is located bang in the middle of the Amazon rainforest. Manaus is hardly a hotbed of football, but organisers felt it was important to take the World Cup to all four corners of the country.


June 14, 2014     02:00     England v Italy – Group D

June 18, 2014     20:00     Cameroon v Croatia – Group A

June 22, 2014     20:00     USA v Portugal – Group G

June 25, 2014     21:00     Honduras v  Switzerland – Group E

CITY: Natal


STADIUM: Estadio das Dunas (capacity: 42,086)

Completely rebuilt just for the World Cup, the Estadio das Dunas’ most remarkable feature is its roof, which is designed in the shape of petals.


June 13, 2014     17:00     Mexico v  Cameroon – Group A

June 16, 2014     23:00     Ghana v USA – Group G

June 19, 2014     23:00     Japan v  Greece – Group C

June 24, 2014     17:00     Italy v  Uruguay – Group D

CITY: Curitiba


STADIUM: Arena da Baixada (capacity: 41,456)

The Arena da Baixada was originally constructed in 1914, but underwent refurbishment in 1999 and once more when Brazil were chosen as World Cup hosts.


June 16, 2014     20:00     Iran v Nigeria – Group F

June 20, 2014     23:00     Honduras v Ecuador – Group E

June 23, 2014     17:00     Australia v Spain – Group B

June 26, 2014     21:00     Algeria v Russia – Group H

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