Google Brings New Way to Search With Ease

google-ok-voice-controlWASHINGTON – Enhancing its voice search feature, Google has launced ‘OK Google Command’ for its Chrome Operating System. 

“The newly released Chrome OS version 35 brings the “hotwording” support to new tabs and Google search pages — including pages already showing search results,” CNET reported.

You have to switch on a checkbox in privacy section of advanced settings in Chrome to enjoy the voice search feature.

Right now the feature is available with US English option only.

According to CNET, the “OK Google” hotword can provide a handy way to initiate searches, for cooks with dirty hands or kids who aren’t good at typing, for example.

“It can be rough around the edges, though, sometimes misunderstanding words or not understanding when you’ve finished speaking. In the latter case, adding the word “question” can get Google to stop listening and start searching.”

Although the option is limited on Chrome OS as compared to its smartphone sister OS, Android. Like you can’t use it to “launch Gmail” — at least not yet.



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