“Intelligence agency still not sure Minhaj Barna is dead”

Intelligence agency still not sure Minhaj Barna is dead | PakistanTribeIt appears that the “ghost” of one of the most prominent figure of Journalist’s movements for the freedom of the Press, late Minhaj Barna, still “haunt,” the intelligence agencies as one of them has re-opened his “file,” to find out whether he is dead or not.

On Nov 5, this month a senior official of Special Branch, Punjab had send a letter to his counterpart in Karachi, to seek the record and “death certificate” of Mr Barna, who had died in his daughter’s house in Rawalpindi, in January, 2011.

They want to be sure he is dead. The letter, which is in the custody of his brother Meraj Mohammad Khan, a veteran politician, indicate that they agency want to either permanently “close” the file or destroy it.

Perhaps, Barna sahab still alive in intelligence file and accordingly still residing in Karachi, from where he led most of trade union movement. They may be seeking similar reports from other stations, where Barna sahab stayed.

Minhaj Barna, remained President of Pakistan Federal Union of Journalists (PFUJ) for many years and was also among the founders of All Pakistan Newspapers Employees Confederation, APNEC.

“I want this file to be preserved for history,” Khan sahab told me last night and appeal to the PFUJ, Human Rights Commission of Pakistan, HRCP and all those who have any love for history of Journalist’s struggle from the day Minhaj Barna joined, “The Movement Called PFUJ.”

One wonders whether the file of another leading figure of this movement late Nisar Usmani and other leading union leaders who are no more, still intact or destroyed.

Though Usmani sahab and Barna sahab’s trade union legacy still busy in power game, this is just a fruit of thought for those who have left any love for journalist’s history, PFUJ and greats of this historic struggle. Today, I badly missed late Zameer Niazi, who compiled history of struggle of Pakistani journalists in his four books. By Mazhar Abbas

Editor-Note: Its an email of well-known Pakistani Journalist Mazhar Abbas to Journalists’ online group regarding Minhaj Barna, one of the pioneers of journalist movement in Pakistan and the founder of APNEC. PakistanTribe.com publishing it with the intention to share ‘our past’ with ‘our future’.


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