Now you have a chance to become Iron Man



NEW YORK – Love to watch Hollywood thriller Iron Man? Then here is your chance to become your favorite superhero.

A Colorado-based company has demonstrated its small jet-pack inside a large government building packed with spectators.

The ‘Go Fast Jet Pack’ has a maximum speed of 77mph (124km/h) and can reach heights of 250ft (76 metres).

And unlike other jet-packs, this one is small and does not need a large frame, wings or a pressurised jets of water to allow pilots to fly.

The jet-pack provides 300lbs of thrust or 800 horsepower for 33 seconds, but in the future, pilots may be able to embark upon longer trips using the technology.

The ‘Go Fast Jet Pack’ may not be a sleek as Iron Man’s (pictured) but it allows people to fly after 100 hours of lessons, much like the fictional super hero.

Jet PI built the machine based upon an old model developed built by Bell Systems in the 1960s, but made it lighter, faster, long-flying and economical.

It claims to be building the ‘world’s most advanced personal flying machines.


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