Using internet up to 225Mbps speed on smartphone likely soon

Galaxy S5 Prime with 225 Mbps internet speedLONDON – In a time when having a few Mbps internet speed on your broadband connection is considered a ‘great utility’, how appreciating it would be use up to 225Mpbs internet your smartphone.

This is likely to be case with Samsung’s Galaxy S5 Prime, much rumoured improved form of Galaxy S5, which, according to a report, could deliver some seriously fast download speeds.

“The Galaxy S5 Prime, which has been rumored for weeks but has yet to be announced, will feature download speeds of up to 225 megabits per second,” ZDNet Korea reported.

Claiming to having access to people with knowledge to the tech giant’s plans, the device might give up to three times faster internet speed of recent 75Mbps on LTE.

Average LTE speed is around 6.5Mbps in United States at the moment.

The report further said “The faster download speeds might only be available in Korea. One of the country’s carriers, SK Telecom, has shown 225Mbps downloads are possible. The company achieves the speeds by combining 20Mhz and 10Mhz spectrums. LTE-Advanced, which achieves maximum download speeds of 150Mbps, is derived from the combination of two 10Mhz spectrums.”

It has yet to be confirmed whether such speed would be available around the world or not.

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