4G Tech Could Be Dangerous For Zong?

Zong 4G may be dangerous for users and companyA home to most of the new technologies from telecom to devices, United Kingdom seems to be really one of the advanced and tech friendly country.But sometimes technology could be fatal for even big giants like Vodafone.

The company, which was able to bring 637,000 people to 4G in the UK, is still making billion of pounds losses in the current year.

As the 3G and 4G have also been introduced in Pakistan, it would be interesting to note the condition of 4G and its users and their ultimate effect on the company financial condition.

Not counting selling off its 45 shares in Verizon Wireless in United States, Vodafone made a loss of £5.3 billion.

“That loss is expected to increase to as much as £11.9 billion next year thanks to increased investment in the network, including wider development of 4G,” CNET has reported.

In Pakistan, Zong has won 4G network, which is live now for its users. But the question is; whether Zong will be facing the same situation as Vodafone in UK?

The answer will be there for users, who at the moment to have the fastest internet on their smartphones, in upcoming months. It also relies in the some other issues like investment in the network to cater needs of 4G of the users by Zong.

So wait and see, how the Chinese origin firm will face and make profit from the newly introduced tech.


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