7-Step Shortest Method For Skype File Transfer

skype file transfer and tipsWASHINGTON – Although Skype is known for making free calls to your loved ones, but it could be used for some special reasons by its users.

Sending files like photos, documents, videos etc could be sent through Skype on Windows.

Following are the steps – in shortest possible time to send a file – for this. This starts with turning your device on and turning Skype off.

Things Needed

You have to do these tasks for sending a file in the shortest time ever.

  1. Skype for Windows desktop installed with a shortcut or pin-to-Start which allows you to start it in one step.
  2. Automatic sign-in enabled.
  3. The name of the file you want to send.


  1. Start Skype.
  2. Search for the group or contact you want to send the file to.
  3. Select it from the search results.

skype file transfer 1

4. Search for your file name using the Search charm in Windows 8 (Win+F) or the Start menu in Windows 7.

skype file transfer 2

5. Right click or tap-and-hold the file in the search results.
6. Select Open file location.

skype file transfer 3
7. Drag and drop the file onto the Skype icon on your taskbar.

skype file transfer 4

Done! Taking a total of seven steps, this is the least steps method to transfer a file via Skype.

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