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Geo and PakistanAtlast, Geo has been banned by the Government  of  Azad Kashmir.After feacing a ban by the Pakistan Army and Azad Kashmir, now the Islamic Scholars of Sunni Itehad Council has also striked Geo network by declaring that watching this channel is Haram due to the blasphemous content being aired in a morning show.

Yesterday on Friday, Jamaat ud Dawwah (JDP) also protested vigorously after the Jumma prayer against the blasphemous content being aired in the Geo’s morning show.On the other hand ,The political parties except PML N are of the same view.The harsh statements of Imran Khan and Khursheed shah have made it possible for PEMRA to ban geo news but PEMRA being a Government institution does not seem to be interested in this issue.

If we look back at the whole scenario, the issue started when Hamid Mir was attacked in Karachi.At that single moment when Geo channel first aired this news , People had a soft corner for Hamid Mir and his family.But the very next moment when Geo channel started the trial of ISI chief Zaheer ul Islam without any solid proof, the sympathies were heavily crushed and the  issue of attack on Hamid Mir went into darkness.Although still the people condemn the attack on Mir but his allegations on National Security agencies have totally turned the tables and his popularity has fallen to the ground.

And now the recent issue of blasphemous  act of Geo against the Ahle-bait ( The Holy Family of Rasool Allah) have aggravated the circumstances.The religious groups have also jumped in the era.

Inspite of all these  allegations the Government of Pakistan or more precisely I should say,Nawaz shareef is showing non serious behavior on this issue.It seems as he is trying to give some message to Pakistan Army.Although the ministers are giving supporting statements in the favour of Pakistan Army but the issue remains there until and unless Prime Minister takes some serious move on this issue.

But in this issue of Geo with Pakistan Army and ISI,one thing has been proved by the people of Pakistan.The people of Pakistan have proved that they are standing shoulder to shoulder with their soldiers. ISI  and the other intelligence agencies of Pakistan have sacrificed a lot for the country and they don’t deserve this type of response by the media. But the people of Pakistan have proved that they stand with the brave sons of this land.

The most uncomprehendible notion that the media possesses in its mind is that this nation will believe on what she says.Media had developed itself as a Hydra in Pakistan.

Even if we look on general policy of Geo channels , we will be surprised to find that Geo news is promoting the Indian culture in Pakistan. Why a Pakistani News channel is always airing the Indian Songs in every News Bulletin and why the birthdays of Indian stars are celebrated as if they had been the National Heroes of Pakistan?Even the different surveys on social media have aslo depicted that people believe that Geo channels are involved in spreading Pessimism in the country. On social Media a very meaningful picture has gone viral which depicts the professionalism of ISI.The picture says that do you think that ISI attacked Mir and Missed?. It’s a fact that ISI never misses its target and if the target is missed then definitely its not ISI.

But its also a fact that all the petitions that were filled in the courts against Geo News have ended in dust bins.

Media particularly the Geo channel had crossed their boundries in every issue but now they have been placed back where they deserve to be.

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Ahmad Sher Zaman Dogar

Gold medallist, studying MBBS at Allama Iqbal medical college Lahore, diehard muslim and a proud Pakistani.

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