This girl will give you nightmare



NEW YORK – If any girl cry near you then you ignore her or try to help them? But remember sometimes your kind act could be give you a nightmare.

An online video from the Brazilian YouTube comedy channel Canal BOOM rewards people for trying to do good by scaring the crap out of them.

The prank features a young girl with long brown hair and a white dress sitting alone near the side of a road at night and appears to be crying. She tucked her face into her body so passersby can’t see what she looks like.

As the people walk by they notice her and decide to see if she’s OK.

When they try to get her attention she pops her head up — presenting a face covered in blood and crooked teeth — and begins chasing them down the street.

Many of these Good Samaritans then start screaming — and cursing — as they try to outrun the poor girl they had offered to help.


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