Good news for lazy people with smartphones



LONDON – Good news for such lazy people, who don’t want to stand up for selecting cloth, now smartphone do that on behalf of you.

Yes, the Dynamic Closet is a rotating wardrobe that catalogs your clothes and can deliver your chosen item at the click of a smartphone or tablet.

Instead of rifling through overloaded hangers and rummaging among fallen items before finding something to wear, the garment is produced instantly.

The innovative system involves taking pictures of an item on a smartphone or tablet before placing it in the wardrobe.

Sensors on the rails then detect which space the item is allocated and catalogs it.

The device’s creators say users can search by pictures, colour, type…or even the date the item was last worn.

A basic version of the futuristic furniture costs £2,900, while a double-level model is priced at £4,300.



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