Finding your life partner like this could blow your mind



NEW YORK – Parents in Pakistan or many other eastern countries, find spouse of their children, but in China this trend will blow your mind.

May be you never believe, but in China parents try to find their children’s soul mate via wall advertising.

Rows upon rows of flyers are actually part of a marriage market where Chinese parents come to find prospective husbands and wives for their children.

Every Saturday and Sunday between noon and 5pm, regardless of the weather, the People’s Park in Shanghai is crowded with mothers and fathers studying the Lonely Hearts messages that adorn the grounds.

On the walls of the avenues, on trees and on washing lines, hundreds of resumes are hung by parents often without the knowledge of their children.

On them they reveal the vital statistics of their offspring, including their height, age, income, education, Chinese zodiac sign and whether they own a car or an apartment.

The parents walk around chatting with other parents to see if there is a match only after their children’s standards are met.


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