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NEW YORK – It’s wise to understand that, in every moment, you are about as happy as you assume it’s your right to be. And, it’s profoundly relieving when you trust that it’s your birthright to be happy and enjoy life.

When you catch yourself wandering down an alley where dark thoughts exist, you always have the power to flip the switch and turn on the light. Here is the list of five tips, published in Huffington Post, to help you look beyond the imperfections and turn on the light.

1. Joy and happiness are your natural states

natuarl states

Every morning, before getting out of bed, take time to remind yourself that it’s a brand new day and opportunities to be happy will come in many ways. Say, “I am receptive to experiences that lift my spirit high today.”

2. Appreciate the idea of living long and well

long life

While eating a healthy breakfast, take a moment to smile and feel grateful while saying, “Healthy food nourishes my body and healthy thoughts nourish my mind, and the combination offers me a feeling of inexhaustible vitality today.” The feeling of vitality makes us feel happy and supports longevity.

3. Be grateful for gadgets and appliances that make life easier.


Inventors give us opportunities to enjoy life in new ways. By high noon, before lunch, think of five inventions that lessen strain and tension in your life. Take a moment to say, “I love these gadgets; they lift my mood and make me laugh.”

4. It is great to be alive.


As mid-afternoon arrives, make time to throw your arms in the air and exclaim, “I find it fascinating that life has so much good in store for me.” You spawn absolute positivity when you rejoice in what life offers today while eagerly anticipating the goodness that’s coming your way tomorrow.

5. It’s fabulous being human.


By the time the day’s eve is upon you, and the sun is setting, offer silent gratitude for the brightness that humanity brings to the world. You’re here to be happy and make the best of everything. The more you understand this, the more you live it.

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