Do Two Simple Things And You Are Slim By Burning Body And Belly Fat



NEW YORK – Want to reduce body weight and most importantly controlling sugar level? If yes then eating daily 2 meals is the key.

A study found that two hearty meals rather than constant snacking is best for people with type 2 diabetes – but could also benefit anyone trying to slim.

A big breakfast and a large lunch is better at controlling weight and blood sugar levels than six small meals a day, researchers claim.

The latest study led by a team from the Czech Republic looked at 54 patients aged between 30 and 70 who were being treated for type 2 diabetes – the most common form of the disease, which is usually controlled by diet.

The research team took measurements of liver fat content, insulin sensitivity and the function of  pancreatic beta cells – which  produce insulin.

The study revealed that body weight fell in both diets – but there was a greater loss for those eating bigger meals.



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