Here Is How Action Thriller Movies Can Be Harmful For You



LONDON – Everyone love to watching action thriller movies, but bad news is that this habit could be harmful for your health, a new study claims.

The team from University College London, King’s College London and London’s Guy’s and St Thomas’s Hospital found that watching action thriller films can trigger potentially dangerous changes to the heartbeat.

They found that watching a film clip which contained stressful scenes caused a disturbance to the normal heartbeat and a significant increase in blood pressure.

Dr Ben Hanson, from UCL, said: “If someone already has a weakened heart, or if they experience a much more extreme stress, the effect could be more destabilising and dangerous.

“This is the first time that the effects have been directly measured and while the results varied we consistently saw changes in the cardiac muscle.”

Dr Hanson added: “This is the first study where the direct effect of mental and emotional stress on the heart has been observed. Our results are really very exciting.”


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