Can you believe Michael Jackson ghost photo revealed



LONDON – Millions of people love king of pop Michael Jackson, but anyone like their favorite star ghost too?

If yes, then it’s a good news for you, someone allegedly capture the Jackson’s ghost photo,a Daily Mail report claims.

According to the report a teenager who took a photo of a Michael Jackson impersonator was stunned – after spotting a picture of what looks like Michael Jackson’s ghost in the background.

Reece Savva, 14, from Bromley, Kent, took three snaps of the Jackson tribute act as he waited in line for a signature.

But when he got home and looked at the pictures he noticed what appears – sort of, if you squint – to be the ghost of the late entertainer hovering above his impersonator’s head in one of the frames.

In the photo, Jackson’s ghost is seemingly peering over the shoulder of a Michael Jackson impersonator, perhaps trying to see what he is writing.

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