Epic Love Story You Will Never Forget For Years



LONDON – Every father wants to do some amazing thing for his child, but no one ever doing that crazy stuff, which is done by a UK based citizen.

Around the world parents try to capture their children precious moments in camera’s eye, but Suman Bansal from Gillingham, Kent, has been photographed every single day of her life since she was born on May 16 1996, totalling an astonishing 6,575 pictures.

The student, who turns 18, is used to smiling for photographs taken by her father Munish, who has documented his daughter’s life from the very beginning. And now every single image has been pieced together to make a giant portrait of the teenager at time for her 18th birthday.

Munish started taking pictures of his wife Rita’s ultrasound images when she was pregnant in January 1996.

The 41-year-old accountant has since captured daughter Suman growing from baby to toddler to schoolgirl to college student.

Munish explains: ‘I just wanted to make a memory to see how they changed day to day, because if you see a child on a month to month basis you can see a big change and I wanted to see that change.’



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