7 Most Confusing Cities On Earth



NEW YORK – Love to trip aboard and wandering in famous cities is a habit of tourists, but some places layouts baffle even the most experienced travelers too.

Huffington Post compiles the seven most confusing cities on earth, which are perfect for getting lost.



Boston’s layout harkens back to America’s early days, making it incredibly charming and completely mind-boggling. The majority of the city’s winding streets aren’t gridded in any particular fashion, confusing pedestrians and drivers alike.



Canals, bridges, narrow curving streets, dead-ends… Venice is the mother of all confusing cities. Wander off from the tourist areas, take in the beauty and let the maze-like streets guide you. You may end up discovering a pocket of Venice you’d never have encountered.

Washington D.C.


Washington’s layout may be grid-like, but it’s still tough to navigate. Streets can be numbered, lettered or named after a state, and they intersect in the most bizarre ways. Traffic circles and one ways plague drivers and cyclists, while pedestrians can easily get confused by strange street quirks, like the fact that there is no “J” street and “I” and “Eye” street are the same thing.



Tokyo can be very disorienting. The city’s fast pace, flickering lights and eye-catching scenery can make it very easy to veer off track. And that’s not a bad thing… you can see a whole ‘nother side of Tokyo by getting off the beaten path. The Japanese address system is also unique and hard to get a hang of, so there’s a good chance you’ll get lost even if you know where you’re going.



Marrakesh is a crowded maze of old-world streets, dizzying markets and all kinds of unfamiliar sites. Marrakesh’s medina is a labyrinth of streets and alleyways, and roaming them freely is the best way to absorb the city and admire its unique art and architecture.


The Netherlands, Holland, Amsterdam, Aerial

Amsterdam is lovely, but much like Venice, it’s canal-centric layout can be very perplexing… and that’s not a bad thing. Wandering or biking along the canals, with no particular destination in mind, is the perfect way to stumble upon unique nooks of the city.

Ho Chi Minh City


Ho Chi Minh is a “conundrum” of a city. It’s unique, fast-paced and filled with hidden wonders. The city is known for its many alleys, which can be particularly difficult for newcomers to navigate.


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