Biggest Harm Of Your Mobile & Smartphone Revealed



Paris –If you are mobile phone calls addicts than all the time talking, talking and talking is normal, but this habit is not ordinary for your brain, in fact its very fatal for you, a new study revealed.

Researchers from The Bordeaux University, France found that if you are pending more than 15 hours on a mobile phone each month leaves you three times more likely to develop a brain cancer.

French study claims that most people average around two-and-a-half hours each month talking on their mobiles, busy executives can quickly reach far higher figures.

Researchers found a risk among those who used their phone intensively which was three times higher than those who use it far less.

The duration of use in the at risk category ranged from between two and 10 years, averaging at five years.

Roger Salamon, of the ISPED institute which carried out the research, said: ‘There is no reason to panic. This does not mean that everyone who makes a call with a mobile phone is going to get a brain tumour.’

The study itself reads: ‘It is difficult to define a level of risk, if any, especially as mobile phone technology is constantly evolving,” the study acknowledged.

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