Revolution via social media and role of youth

Revolution via social media and role of youth | PakistanTribeWhenever we are in gathering, most of our time is passed talking about politics. While talking about politics critical situation of Pakistan is discussed and government is censured.

On the spot we get cathartic relief throw passing judgments on state and world affairs.

Almost youngsters have same habits. Social media has changed our routines and in these days Facebook, Twitter, and other ideas sharing sites are executing eminent part while spreading thoughts.

What I Want to impart via blog? Young generation decides the targets of any country and I am pleased to delineate that youngsters of Pakistan are bright stars. Their energy is worth seeing after deciding their track. Here I will quote the words of Wael Ghonim (in his lecture on the platform of who talked about the role of social media and youth in Egypt after the murder of Khalid Saeed (young Egyptian who expired in uncertain circumstance) in 2010.When authorities remain silent then what happened?

 “.….Page (web page on social web) was created, An anonymous administrator was basically invited people to join the page and there was no plan. What are we doing to do?”I donot know”. In a few days tens of thousands of people there………….asking the ministry of interior affairs. ‘Enough “Get those who killed this guy to just bring them to justice.But of course they don’t listen. It was an amazing story……..

how everyone feeling an ownership……People started contributed ideas………..there was not leader. The leader was everyone on the page“.

This world knows the story of this collaboration which changed the whole scenario……….Al Tahreer Square created history in 2011.Revolution was done and dictatorship was terminated. Whatever the consequence and what the planet saw, it is another story. After the decline of Hosni Mubarak, Mohammad Morsi was elected president but the same story was repeated with him.

In these days activist group anonymous is spreading its message through social webs all over the world. This group become household word owing to its distributed service denial raids on government, religious and corporate webs.

Here is the slogan of anonymous:

Remember who your enemies are; Billionaires who own banks and corporations who corrupt politicians who enslave the people in justice“.

They are opposing the evil authorities whether religious or political those  are not playing their role and don’t represent the people.

On 5 November 2013 anonymous held the million masks march in 430 cities of the world against so called authorities…………..They remained peaceful sing, dance and register their campaign. Anonymous is an organization of America but without bias considered common people and citizens of this globe as part of his body.

spy on us

lie on us

kill us with your drones

buy all law enforcement

than tap our home phones

and when we complain

That our liberty’s gone

cage us


Here rage belongs.

Now they will march on 4 April 2014 with the sloganOccupy Washington D.C.

New age group desire for peace, they possess no personal preferences and substance. They think collectively whereas government should support them and take them significance. Today’s world is presenting different picture of young populace. In past maximum upheavals were domestic but delinquency of illegal behaviors are tackling collectively by adolescents nowadays.

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