The Biggest And Secret Advantage Of Unemployment & Poverty That May Change Your Family Lifestyle



NEW YORK – Want a nicer child? Then bringing up him in a recession type situation is the best way.

This interesting discovery comes in a new study.

According to the study, children who grow up in a recession are more likely to become well-rounded adults than those who enjoy an easy start to life.

Researchers from Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia found that those who entered adulthood during economic downturns were less likely to be self-obsessed.

Growing up in hard times dampens narcissism and a sense of entitlement, US psychologists believe.

The research, which assessed the results of three large studies of people born between 1930 and 1994, found the level of unemployment when a person was young directly correlated with their personality traits later in life.

Those who experienced hard times in their late teens and early 20s were less likely to be narcissistic, while those who had seen times of easy wealth were more likely to feel entitled to the good things that came their way.


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