Dangerous News for ‘Males’ Only



LONDON – If you want to become father, but your wish is not fulfilled yet, then it’s not your problem in fact real culprit is your household products.

This shocking discovery comes in a new Danish study.

Chemicals found in everyday products such as toothpaste, soap and even plastic toys are having a direct impact on male fertility, according to research, which published in the Daily Independent.

It is the first time that research has shown a link between the direct effect of man-made chemicals on male fertility and it is thought it will see concern grow about the hidden toxicity of chemicals in everyday items.

The study shows that one in three common chemicals found in products such as detergents and plastics affected sperm.

Professor Niels Skkakkebaek, of Copenhagen University Hospital in Denmark told the newspaper: ‘For the first time we have shown a direct link between exposure to endocrine-disrupting chemicals from industrial products and adverse effects on human sperm function.

Around 30 of the 96 common household chemicals tested had a direct effect on the protein within sperm, which controls its motility and ability to enter an egg to trigger fertilisation.

The chemicals are ingested by people either by consuming them as food or drink or absorbing them in their skin in the case of soap and sun screen.


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