Want to become cave man? This hotel gives you a chance



NEW YORK – If you have dream to live like a cave man, then you like to stay at that hotel, which nestles into the rocks of South Africa’s Cederberg Mountains.

Yes this hotel will give you a thousand years past living experience, just like classic cartoon Flintstones, Cut into the mountainside with rooms surrounded by rock paintings that date back 6,000 years, this spectacular hotel certainly has a hint of Stone Age chic.

If you worry about accommodation luxurious then you will be pleased to know the nature reserve resort has all the luxurious touches a modern traveller needs.

Rooms are actually set in 10 different mini caves with spectacular mountain views. And if that’s not enough, there is the ‘Outcrop Open Air Room’, where guests can sleep under the stars, enjoying the celestial show thanks to a lack of light pollution and surrounding civilisation.

Each cave suite is made from beautiful rock formations that blend into their environment, and each come with a private terrace costing as little as £155 per night.



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