Imran Khan makes strangest claim during summer

imran khan


ISLAMABAD– With only one day left to Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI)’s May 11 protest, PTI chief Imran Khan claimed a credit of massive reduction in loadshedding.

On his social media site Twitter account @ImranKhanPTI ,  PTI chief said” PTI’s 1st result of protest before it happens has been the massive reduction in loadshedding! R first delivery 2 nation.

He further said “PTI workers can’t be stopped by PMLN fascist measures. They made it 2 Waziristan despite hurdles, so reaching Islamabad will not be an issue.

“PMLN only remembers democracy when in Opposition. In govt their roots, embedded in mly dictatorship, come to the fore.” Imran Khan said.

PTI Chief say Allah has been kind to us & blessed us with perfect weather for r jalsa tomorrow.


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