Hany El-Banna urges Muslim countries to invest in youth development

Hany El-Banna urges Muslim countries to invest in youth development | PakistanTribeISLAMABAD – Investment in youth development was termed vital for Pakistan’s future by Hany El-Banna, internationally acclaimed philanthropist, development leader and founder of Islamic Relief-UK, who was addressing an interactive session with leaders and representatives of various youth groups associated with IPS LEAD – the Learning, Excellence & Leadership Program of the Institute of Policy Studies (IPS), Islamabad.

El-Banna spoke on the topic of ‘Global Leadership and the Role of Muslim Youth’ and said that in order to attain a leadership role in the globalized world the Muslim youth should learn to unite the diverse human race through shared and commonly developed values.

He was of the view that the answer to a nation’s atrocity should not be given in the same coin; the Muslim youth should strictly follow the basic principles of their religion in any conflict and learn from its teachings. He shared several experiences from his own life and career in which the transparency and principled conduct of his team prevailed over all hurdles and challenges, even in places like Gaza and Chechnya.

He presented examples of developed countries who have invested heavily in recent times on youth development in an attempt to cultivate a future generation of leadership at all levels of the society.

The speaker also emphasized on the meaningful role of every individual to contribute to the society, terming it a crucial factor for the country’s progress. He said that every single-being should realize his potential, set a mission for his life and play his role for the betterment of society. He said that the youth should first understand the social fabric, culture, thinking and values of their societies and then use these values to unite their communities.

Discussing the role of social media in the fast developing world, he termed it as a language of the present time. He said that this is an effective mode of communication which can be used to promote humanitarian values globally as well as to present the true picture of Islam across the world.


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