Xbox Live is still the best, Former Microsoft Gaming VP

xbox-live-vs-xbox-oneREDMOND – Despite all such sales and fame, founding member of Xbox, the gaming venture of Microsoft, thinks ‘Xbox Live is still the best.’Ed Fries, former Microsoft Vice President on Gaming, thinks that its system software, which is strongest point of Microsoft’s Xbox consoles.

“Microsoft has always been ahead in system software as well,” Fries was quoted by CNET as saying. “Xbox Live is still the best and the new system is even better than before.”

Release of Titanfall could be also be linked with the views of Fries, who thinks that the move will boost Xbox One sales.

A well known figure in the gaming industry, Fries was of the view that if Microsoft got major first and third party games for its console, then it would be hard to beat Xbox One.

Here are some of selected and vital words of Fries about future of Xbox One against Sony’s PlayStation 4.

“So far there aren’t enough games for the system though. If Microsoft can bring the best first- and third-party games to the platform then they will be tough to beat. I got to play the ‘Titanfall’ beta the other day [our interview was conducted before the game’s general release] and I think the release of that will be a huge boost to Microsoft’s platform.

“Microsoft has always been ahead in system software as well. Xbox Live is still the best and the new system is even better than before.”

“I think the Xbox One hardware is just fine. [But] I like the fact that both Sony and Microsoft have gone back to a more PC like architecture like we did with the original Xbox. I also like that every Xbox One is the same, which is important for developers. On 360, for example, you couldn’t count on there being a hard disk.”

“I feel really lucky to have had a chance to work on games and Xbox at Microsoft.”

“I’m very proud of what we accomplished and hope it continues to be successful.”

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