5 Quick Tricks To Charge Your Mind And Body



NEW YORK – We all have a little stress in our lives. The way we deal with that stress is crucial to our well-being.

Put simply, high stress levels can lead to unwanted weight gain. Stress promotes the production of a hormone called cortisol, which increases your appetite for foods high in sugar, carbohydrates and fat. But stress control is not very difficult, following a few ways you can do this in a few minutes.

1. Take a deep breath


Breathing exercises aren’t just for seasoned yoga, they can work for anyone. Taking a deep breath is a simple, effective way to calm your mind and give you perspective. Plus, deep breathing can release endorphins in your body, which will up your sense of well-being and make you feel more at ease.

2. Shout It Out


Feeling frustrated, stressed, overwhelmed? Let it out! We all know the feeling of bottling an emotion inside for too long — and then when it finally comes out, it’s all wrong. This way, you won’t mistakenly direct your frustration at an undeserving bystander.

3. Visualize A Peaceful Place


Simple but cool scene can help cool your boiling blood.. If you are not physically present there still have a sense of joy you can mentally travel.

4. Favorite songs


It’s no secret that music reduces stress and your favorite song is perfect for it too.

5. Cleaning the table


All that physical clutter could be a reflection of what’s happening inside. Stack the papers, trash those plastic utensils and give your desk a nice dust-off with an antibacterial wipe. It’ll just take a minute, with the potential to reset your workflow and clear your head.

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