Shocking Secrets About Pakistan Cricket That 180 Million Pakistanis Should Know

PCB backdoor things appoint Waqar YounisKARACHI – Proving his claim of revealing shocking secrets of Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB), Mohsin Hasan Khan, former coach, has blasted procedure of PCB for appointing new coach. 

“The procedure adopted for finalizing Waqar Younis was a total farce,” he said in a press conference.

Surrounded by waiting reporters and correspondents at Karachi Club, an elite club of the metropolitan, Khan was looking furious during the event.

He was also an applicant for the post of head coach, a post advertised by PCB. But no applicant, except, Waqar was invited for interview and further formal rules.

Being the coach of the team during Pakistan known 3-0 win over England, Khan considered himself as the strong contender.

“They had said that the candidates will be shortlisted, then there will be interviews but they trashed the whole process and made fun of everything. They threw dust in everyone’s eyes. There were no criteria. I was a deserving candidate but I was getting messages that the whole process was a total farce.”

According to a famous cricket website, Khan was dejected over the way PCB treated the whole matter.

“They should have picked whoever they wanted as coach and appointed him but they should not have made a fool of the others. It happened before as well before the Asia Cup and World T20. It happened to Waqar as well at that time. Without any process they made Moin Khan coach. Moin is like my younger brother, but that was also not correct. PCB is not their personal property; it is the board of 180-190 million people of Pakistan. They spoiled two years of the team by bringing a so-called qualified coach. They threw dust in the fans’ eyes. They have played with Pakistan’s name, with its respect.”


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