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NEW YORK – If you love plants, then you know how beautiful pot plant is, but think if that decorated mini tree can charge smartphones and also work as lamp?

Yes this unique pot plant has now been invent, which charges your smartphone and can even be used as a light.

The Electree Mini has solar panel ‘leaves’ to transform the light it absorbs into energy that can be used to charge a range of USB-connected devices as well as batteries.

The ‘plant’ is made from recycled plastic and contains no glue.

It has nine solar panel, which look like leaves that can be transform sun light into energy that can be stored in batteries and used to power USB devices.

A version of the tree enables it to be turned into a colour changing lantern.

It is available to pre-order from €199 (£164) via Indiegogo.

Vivien Muller, the French designer behind the concept was inspired by bonsai trees and patterns found in nature when designing the device, which is now at crowd-funding stage.


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