Meet The Kid Who Has Her Heart Outside Her Chest

Meet The Kid Who Has Her Heart Outside Her Chest|[dropcap]M[/dropcap]OSCOW- You would have heard of various valiant men or women who have struggled throughout their life or would have fought bravely. But meet here a six year old girl who is fighting to survive a life threatening rare condition since her birth.

When she was pregnant, her mother Dari was told her child would never survive but, more than half a decade on, the youngster continues to fight on.
Virsaviya Borun, a native of Russia, suffers from Pentalogy of Cantrell, which caused her heart and intestines to form outside her body It is a rare congenital condition that occurs in estimated 5.5 in one million live births.
Virsaviya’s heart is the size of a fist and can be seen beating through a thin layer of skin

Borun and her mother came to the US this year to seek medical treatment
for the girl in Boston

The 6-year-old cannot undergo surgery at the moment because of high blood pressure in her pulmonary aorta.
Let’s hope this brave girl wins the battle and thus wins life.


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