Dinosaurs still alive but in a different shape



LONDON – If you think Dinosaurs have completely extinct from our world, then you are totally wrong, because new research found that Ancient species have evolved over millions of years into birds.

This interesting claim comes in a new U.K. study.

Researchers from Oxford University have claimed, Dinosaurs are not extinct, but have simply shrunk to become the 10,000 species of birds that are alive today.

A study of the evolution of 426 dinosaur species over millions of years revealed that dinosaurs gradually became smaller in size until they evolved into birds.

Researchers have shown that shrinking was key to their survival and allowed them to become one of the most diverse and abundant families of animals alive today.

The scientists found that dinosaurs underwent rapid changes in body size shortly after they first appeared, around 220 million years ago. Thereafter only the evolutionary line leading to birds continued to change size at such a fast rate, and did so for a further 170 million years

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