The 10 greatest villains in wrestling history

CM Punk


NEW YORK – And the greatest villains of wrestling award goes to WWE chairman Mr. McMahon.

WWE Countdown aired on the WWE Network. The topic?  The 10 greatest villains in pro wrestling history.

And wouldn’t you know it, CM Punk was listed at number three.

Let’s get the obvious out of the way: Most of the content for this show was undoubtedly filmed before he left, and that’s unquestionably true regarding his interview portions. Plus, WWE didn’t make the list itself. It was a fan poll that did that, so Punk got to number three because of you, not anyone working at the company, so this is no grand sign of a continued working relationship between the two sides, though it is at least worth pointing out.

And, of course, the one comment from Punk himself that made the air:

“This is interesting. Where do I go with this? Do I bury myself? Do I give you some of my self deprecating humor? Do I say I’m the best of all time so everyone can say I’m egotistical?”

We’ll never know where he went with it. Back to Chicago, it seems.

Here’s the full top 10 so you can argue it endlessly:

10. Rick Rude

9. JBL

8. Iron Sheik

7. Million Dollar Man

6. Roddy Piper

5. Hollywood Hogan

4. Triple H

3. CM Punk

2. Randy Orton

1. Mr. McMahon

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