Top 7 Most Annoying Type of People

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NEW YORK – If kids, who are ill-behaved in public, test your last nerves, then you’re far from alone, in fact, according to a new Harris Poll about pet peeves in America, 86 US people have gone crazy because of kids.

The results of the poll, released on Monday, reveals that there is no shortage of ways to get under Americans’ skin.

After disruptive children, the other most “popular” pet peeves include the following: openly rude people (85 percent find them irritating); “slobs” (80 percent); people who are chronically late for dates and appointments (80 percent); loud talkers (71 percent); people who yak at high volume in public on their cell phones (65 percent); and those fellow air travelers who misuse the overhead luggage bins by stuffing in too many items or by using the bins that do not correspond with their assigned seats (65 percent).


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