The Secret Even Bigger & Important Than ‘Real Age’ and ‘No of Partners’



LONDON – Money, money and money, now a days every person dreaming to become rich, but this thinking also turn your personality as liar.

That interesting claim comes in a news U.K. survey.

One in seven in a relationship admits that he or she financially cheats on a partner by hiding credit card bills, under-estimating salaries and refusing to say how much has been spent.

Eight per cent of Britons resort to concealing items they have bought because they do not want their spouse to find out they have spent any money.

The typical amount of cash kept secret at any one time is £712, according to price comparison website

People would rather reveal their real age (31 per cent) or the number of lovers they have had (20 per cent) before admitting the full extent of their spending.

But spending money and lying about it is one of the most off-putting traits in a partner or potential partner, say two-thirds of Britons.


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