5 Simple Tricks To Get Your Productivity On Top Attaining ‘The Key Thing Behind’



NEW YORK – We all have those days where we just can’t focus. You try to devote your attention to one task, only to be completely whisked away by another.

We know that multitasking comes at a high price — but instead of fighting our focus problems with fervor, maybe some little hacks can help when our attention span gets misaligned.

Check out the five simple tricks below, and use one the next time you need to get your productivity back on track. You’ll be thankful you did!

1. Think Yellow.


It has been proven in various research reports, a quick glance at the color yellow can not only sharpen your concentration, it can also increase your happiness.

2. Tap or twist.


Not all fidgeting is bad — in fact, it may help you during more complex projects. Some neurologists theorize that there are cognitive benefits to our extraneous movements. Fidgeting may allow the brain to process deep thoughts and create better mental functioning.

3. Doodle.


That mindless doodling may not be so mindless after all. According to research, idly drawing during those important meetings or classes may actually help you pay better attention to what’s going on.

4. Take a break.

Take a break

Those brief breaks, whether you’re watching a cute animal video or grabbing a few minutes of shuteye, can do wonders for your focus. If you’re elbows-deep in tasks and looking to tackle your to-do list, you might want to step away from it for a little while.

5. Sit in silence


In today’s technological era, a few moments of silence has been difficult to find, but it is better for your ability to focus. Total silence is also something creative types swear by — just the trick you need when you’re trying to be innovative at work.

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