These Terrible Things Are Shaking Other People’s Trust From You



NEW YORK – Trust is vital element for all relationships, if someone has trust us, we rapidly move forward in life, but when we lose someone’s trust our progress is become slow.

Some people may be more trusting than others but regardless of whom you are dealing with, here are seven ways to lose trust:

1. Be Selfish

The more you pursue your self-interest, then other people feel that you’ll take never consider their interest. And if you aren’t looking out for other, then how they could trust you?

2. Be protective

True trust reciprocates. Yet, if there is something that you have that you are holding onto as “yours” then that means it will never be “ours” which means we aren’t sharing and we aren’t in this together. If you want other person heart, or money, you need to first share yours

3. Be ungrateful

Granting someone the gift of your trust is a demonstration of incredibly vulnerability. And there is no faster way to cause someone to close off their heart to you then when you don’t acknowledge their gifts and at least their attempts to satisfy you.

4. Be self-centered

Selfish means ‘keep things to yourself’ but self-centered means that you think always about yourself. Neither one works for building trust because if we are going to have trust then you need to know that you are considering other person point of view and how the impacts of your choices will affect other.

5. B e passive aggressive

Having an issue and not confronting other person on it directly isn’t grace. It’s betrayal. Betrayal is the opposite of trust. Trust isn’t developed from the absence of conflict, but from developing a healthy process for resolving it.

6. Be negative

If you know someone is always looking at the down side then it’s hard to think that they’ll ever give you the benefit of the doubt or that they’ll support you and your dreams. Which is why negativity directly destroys our willingness to have faith in another.

7. Be incongruent

The foundation of trust is strong integrity. It is seeing someone live out and execute the things they say they will do, over and over and over again. Always follow through and don’t forget that every word and every promise matters.

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