Impact of 3.G on e-commerce: A million dollar question

Impact of 3.G on e-commerce: A million dollar question | PakistanTribeISLAMABAD – What will be the impact of 3.G on e-commerce in Pakistan? This is a million dollar question because only now people will be able to buy or sell anything anywhere.

That means they will buy right from their mobile even when they are on the go. We can safely say that Pakistan will undergo a similar experience through which India has gone because India has seen a phenomenal growth of almost 50 percent in last five years and many people in India believe that it is all because of 3.G and nothing else.

If we take some lead from India,it would mean that e-commerce would finally take off in  Pakistan also.Right now many people are using e -commerce in terms of on line bookings and on line job search but very few people have gone beyond this safe line,however, now there will be 3.G which will give impetus to on line transactions.

The first sign of this new wave will be traffic growth on websites like OLX and Pakwheels.

Here is a small online survey about the same. It will be helpful to find out what is going to happen in Pakistan in the coming years.

Give your opinion about 3G and its impact on e-Commerce here.

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