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New York – Like it or not, but this bicycle could go anywhere on wheels and when you don’t seen any cycling track, you can fold it like a umbrella.

Yes, it could be the ultimate bike for commuter – with full sized wheels, yet able to fold into a package the same size as an umbrella.

This bike is really amazing, which even has folding wheels and despite its tiny size when folded, it still boast full size 26 inch wheels and can even be folded in a single move.

The bike uses spoke less wheels which can fold down and a rear hub which drives the rim directly

Italian Inventor Gianluca Sada says he first came up with the idea after being disappointed with current folding bike designs.

‘The minimum size of the frame, in fact, penalizes the rider position while driving and the small size of the wheels significantly are affected by variations in terrain.’

Sada said he wanted his machine to have full sized 26inch wheels, but also a frame and components that can fold.

After many tries he developed that bike, which includes wheels with no spokes, and a design small enough to be used as a back bag.


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