Why U.S. is world super power? Secret revealed now



Washington – Want to know why U.S. is world only super power? The secret is now revealed that America is really run by the smart.

U.S. researcher claim that America’s real treasure is those CEOs, billionaires, federal judges, Senators, and House members, whose are all found to be largely comprised of those in the top 1% of intelligence.

The researchers concluded ‘America’s elite are largely drawn from the intellectually gifted, with many in the top 1% of ability.’

Researchers have determined that standardized tests, such as the SAT and ACT, give a reasonably good  yet of course imperfect , measure of a person’s general reasoning capacity.

Five groups of America’s elite were examined by Duke University’s Jonathan Wai: Fortune 500 CEOs, federal judges, billionaires, Senators, and members of the House of Representatives.

‘Within each of these groups, nearly all had attended college with the majority having attended either a highly selective undergraduate institution or graduate school of some kind,’ Jonathan Wai wrote in the journal Intelligence.

The team also looked at differences between sectors in which billionaires made their money.

‘Ability and education level differences were found across various sectors in which the billionaires earned their wealth (e.g., technology vs. fashion and retail); even within billionaires and CEOs wealth was found to be connected to ability and education.”

Roughly 60% of female CEOs and only 40% of male CEOs were in the top 1% of cognitive ability.

The connection between attending Harvard University and being a part of America’s elite was also investigated.

Roughly 11% to 13% of CEOs, judges, billionaires, and Senators had attended Harvard in some capacity, but only 6.6% of the House did so.

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