Google’s 7 unique projects that could change the world



New York – As everyone knows Google is the king of internet searching, but fewer people know it’s future projects could  change the world too.

Google likes to work on things that no one else is working on.

If run well, Google CEO Larry Page sees corporations like Google as being an agent of change. Google has already changed the way we acquire information with Search, it’s changed how we consume media content with the Chromecast, and it’s already changing how we consume information with Glass.

Here is the list of Google most advance and unique projects.

1. Google’s driverless cars


Thanks to Google’s driverless car experiment, we may be on the verge of reducing the number of traffic fatalities a year. The cars have already been able to master driving on freeways, but Google has since announced that its test cars can handle city streets with pedestrians.

2. Flying bikes

flying bikes

Google CEO Larry Page has even thought about creating aerial bikeways with the hopes of encouraging more people to bike

3. Smart contact lenses


But for those who are too cool for glasses, Google is also working on a pair of smart contact lens. The idea here is to help diabetics track glucose levels. Meanwhile, a patent application recently surfaced that details how Google could add sensors and a micro-camera to the surface of a contact lens.

4. Internet balloons


Project Loon is Google’s attempt to bring internet access to the entire world. The goal is to use these balloons to provide internet access to the two-thirds of the world living without it.

5. Modular smartphones

Google-Modular smartphones

Project Ara is the search giant’s ambitious modular smartphone concept designed exclusively for 6 billion people. With Ara, people can customize basically every aspect of their smartphone.

6. Google glass


Google Glass is bringing humans closer to technology than ever before. This year, Virgin Atlantic began testing the use of Glass as a means of checking in passengers at the airport.

7. Gigabit internet speed

Gigabit internet speed

Google Fiber aims to provide Gigabit internet speeds. Google’s ultra-high-speed internet service Fiber could allow us to consume information at speeds never before seen.

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