Words-war continues: “Imran did know who is behind drone strikes then why he is running after NATO”

Words-war continues: “If Imran did know who is behind drone strikes then why he is running after NATO” | PakistanTribeLAHORE – Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf chairman Imran Khan is bent on ruining Pakistan’s relations with other countries, said Federal Information Minister Pervaiz Rasheed on Sunday.


He said if Imran did know who is carrying out drone strikes then why he is running after the NATO supply, adding the KP government lodged the drone attack FIR against unknown persons.

While talking to media persons after attending the 4th World Literary Conference Parvez Rashid said that Pakistani government trying to resolve the issues of drone strikes and terrorism through negotiations with Taliban and US. He said Imran had given statement that he would sit indefinitely for blocking NATO supply but went to Banni Gala after sitting in Pajero.

He said that the matter of negotiations with the Taliban at present has suspended, adding that Pakistan wants to resolve the issues with Taliban through dialogues, adding that Pakistan also wants to resolve the issue of drone strikes with US through dialogues. He said every country of the world who wants to see peace in the world would facilitate the dialogue process with Taliban.

Commenting on the PTI sit-ins to block NATO supply routes, the information minister said there is no point in holding protests on Saturday and Sunday as no truck passes through Pakistan on the weekends.

He further added that the supply routes are used to transport food and not ammunition.  He said that Pakistan is following the policy to strengthen ties with the NATO countries, adding that Imran Khan while adopting the policy of harming ties with the neighboring countries is not serving the country. He said Imran Khan in past also chosen the weekends for halting NATO supply and this time also chosen the weekend, adding that no NATO truck passes through Pakistan on the weekends.

He said Mian Nawaz Sharif had become the leader of the nation when Imran Khan was used to run after the ball of cricket and other things. He said Pakistan could become isolated in world through the actions of Imran Khan. He said Imran is following the policy of harming relations with the neighbors.

He said today the world has become global village and no country could remain alone. He said no representative of KP was given representation in the sit-in of PTI against drone strikes; beside the fact that the KP is the most affected province in war against terrorism.  He in the way the KP government lodged the FIR of drone strike against the drone strike it could be read in the comical session of the literary conference.

Parvez Rashid said he does not know what consequences would bring the Imran Khan leadership in the region. He said Pakistan wants good relations with all countries of the world including neighbors. He said today Iran is improving ties with the world.

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