10 Habits To Empower You To Control Time



New York – Time. You can’t recover it, make up for it, or reverse it. There are 24 hours in a day and 168 in a week, and those numbers aren’t changing. You can just use this time more effectively and sensibly .

Adopt such habits through which you be able to save valuable time.

1. Track how you spend your time

For a week see how you spend your time, as most people are completely unaware about how they spent their time. This simple exercise is very effective and can have a huge impact.

2 Determine which tasks and activities are vital and which are optional

Set a schedule for your essential tasks and activities in which you prefer to be first. At the beginning of the day you are more refreshed and energized. So often the less important tasks get in the way of other things that need to be done. For many this is a distraction.

3. Wake up 15 minutes earlier than you normally do.

Doing so will provide you with an extra 75 minutes in your work week. The morning time is see it as a time to respond to emails without the distraction of telephone calls or they use it to do their daily workout.

4. Schedule Internet use.

Most people, when they are online , they do not realize the passage of time. Given the sensory overload, people are drawn into cyberspace and rarely can stick to just their intended task. If you use the Internet to set up a schedule and stick to it.

5. Plan

At the beginning of your week, schedule what you need to do with a “to-do” list. Similarly, at the end of your work day, plan the next day.

6. Email and social media accounts logout

Staying connected to such accounts will only distract you and waste time, especially when you are on a deadline or working on an important project. Schedule time to use your social media sites.

7. Keep your expectations in check.

Are your expectations appropriate or inappropriate? Make sure you don’t bite off more than you can chew.

8. Change your thinking

‘I ‘m so busy’ or ‘I do not have time for anything’, are negative comments that are sure to keep you feeling overwhelmed. You might think instead, “I will make good use of the time that I do have” or “I can only do so much in one day and I will make sure I accomplish what is reasonable today.”

9. Group your errands in one place.

For example, if you meet someone in the downtown, and you know you go to a grocery store in that area, then consolidate the trips into one.

10. Keep your surroundings clean and organized.

A cluttered desk will distract you as will a messy home. By keeping things in order you’ll keep information organized in your head and minimize the possibility of losing items and having to spend time looking for them.


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